Living with chronic pain can be really tough. It can make everyday activities difficult, and sometimes it can feel like it's taking all of the joy & peace out of life. That is where I come in. My passion is providing support to women, Black and Brown Folks, as they learn to live fulfilling lives in the midst of their struggles with women's health issues or pain, as I help them rebuild their body image and self-esteem, grow in self-compassion, prioritize self-care, and thrive in their purpose and values.

My name is Desma Jackson,LMFT I approach therapy by using a whole-person approach, addressing your mind, body, & spirit. I will teach you the tools to cope with, or overcome your chronic pain or improve body image, by exploring triggers, healing from past hurts, & helping you reconnect with your body, values & capacity for self-care. I even have a nutritionist on my team to help you learn how to use food and nutrition to heal your mood!

I see you, and I know that taking the steps to heal your heart & nourish your body can seem overwhelming. But you don't have to do it alone. I want to help you take that first step toward living your BEST life. Happiness and peace with your body and walking in your purpose is possible. Email me or call our office today to schedule a call so I can support you in achieving that happiness and body peace!

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