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I'm Deseray Wilson, the owner of Anxious Black Girls. ABG supports high-performing Black Women who desire fulfillment beyond their professional lives. We're who you come to when you feel anxious about pursuing life & relationship goals and worry that you may never be able to create a truly balanced life. As a high-performing Black women, the anxiety that comes with maintaining all of the hats you wear is exhausting. If you desire peace, ABG helps reduce your anxiety so you can feel confident not only about your career, but in your ability to find love & relationships and to go after your life goals.

Together, we'll work to uncover the root of your fear and anxiety, as well as explore generational cycles that are showing up and repeating themselves in your life, unhealthy narratives and core beliefs, unresolved traumas, and emotional barriers that are impacting your ability to thrive in these areas.

I want you to know that this work is hard, but possible with the proper supports in place. You've shown that you have the capacity to do well and meet your professional goals, so together we'll learn how to unlock and break through barriers that prevent you from experiencing fulfillment in the areas of your life that you truly desire!

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