Let’s be real, sometimes ‘life be lifing’ and it’s a struggle to navigate. But what if I told you that you don’t have to figure it all out at once? What if I told you that those bumps in the road along your journey can be smoothed over? What if that anxiety or depression that has been slowly creeping in can actually be tamed? Whether you want to process growing up in a toxic household resulting in ‘mommy issues’, or need help navigating the stress that comes along with becoming a new mom, or even if you just need help with this whole ‘adulting’ thing, I got you sis! Let me help you.
I am D'Erica but you can call me Dee for short. I am a Dallas native and I've always had a passion for helping others reclaim their peace from anyone or anything that attempted to steal it.
I specialize in working with BIPOC women and teens ranging from ages 16-35 navigate various transitions that are unique to us. Specifically, BIPOC women that need assistance in managing their toxic relationship with their mother, teens & young women transitioning into the real world, and BIPOC women wanting to break generational cycles while transitioning into motherhood. I personally like to refer to myself as the ‘Transition Therapist’.
I am a licensed professional counselor, certified doula, have experience working as a high school counselor and with CPS cases. So my unique skill set helps me service this particular population that I personally believe does not receive enough attention. I feel that my purpose has always been to advocate for those that haven't quite found their voice yet, as well as advocating for those that may have lost their voice somewhere down the line in their lives. I use CBT/REBT techniques to challenge my clients to dig deep into their inner thoughts, and in return this allows them to slowly begin to change those toxic thinking patterns. Continuously helping others realize that regardless of their struggles, life is still just beginning for you!
Your life is based on the work that you decide to put in, let me make it a bit easier for you. So, are you ready to transcend sis?

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