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There comes a time when we are completely overwhelmed by life's challenges. We question our perspectives; life transitions cause discomfort; and situations become too difficult to handle. My desire is to be of service to you. To offer a space that is safe for reflection and no judgement. I believe that once you gain self awareness you have the opportunity to move towards making choices that align with your authentic self. Together we can embark on a journey that will lead to better understanding of yourself, personal development, and overall life satisfaction.

Working in both outpatient and inpatient settings- I have sat with individuals who have struggled with a variety of problems. As a counselor and yoga practitioner I am licensed and certified to provide both mental and physical health services. When applicable & appropriate, I can use breath-work and meditation as a therapeutic tool for regulating moods.

The relationship between the client & the counselor is an important part of therapy. I liken the search for a counselor to be similar to finding the right hairstylist or barber-.the right fit is out there. I am a counselor who is real, warm, & can be a solid support to you. Give me a call and if we are not a good fit, I can offer recommendations.

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