** Potential individual clients will have the opportunity to work with me at a rate of $35 per session. This rate is available for individual clients that can commit to at least 10 weekly therapy sessions. I provide only individual counseling at this time. **

As your therapist, I will serve as a guide to better approach and manage the challenges in your life. My goal is to help you utilize skills and traits that you have within yourself and help you develop tools that will serve you to make healthy decisions, take consistent action steps, and strengthen the relationships that mean most to you.

I will provide a safe space without judgment to listen to your concerns and goals. This process will give us an opportunity to identify what is in the way from where you are to where you want to be. We will have to confront the challenges you are facing head on. If you are ready for that, I am too.

Therapy does require time. I believe it is a transitional space to become the person you would like to be when things are difficult and challenging. The concentrations and issues listed below are important to me and I would be glad to begin with you in this process.

I am a Graduate Student Level Therapist.

Anxiety & Stress
Relationship Issues

You can inquire to work with me, Deran at: WellnessTeam(at)BreakthroughSolutions.com

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