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It’s a new day. No more shame. The first step is seeking out a therapist who understands your experience. I have been in practice for 10 years. I’ve worked in Compton, Watts, Gardena, and now Long Beach developing the skills needed to address diverse multicultural issues.

Therapy can give you the opportunity to process things happening in your life with an unbiased person. How many of us have asked our friends or family for feedback on things happening in our lives (I'll raise my hand). The only problem with that is their solutions or feedback, can be biased or self-motivated.

I specialize in intergenracial trauma, teen and adolescent issues, and couples conflict. I also work with same sex couples and LGBT+ individuals who identify as non-binary, queer, and trans. I appreciate providing therapy to disenfranchised communities that often get overlooked. Use my space to heal from childhood traumas in order to become the best possible you.

I enjoy being a filter for people to discuss what is happening in their lives. I use a humanistic approach to work through issues such as; identity crisis, infidelity, life transitions, stress relief, anxiety, depression, and work life balance.

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