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Therapy can give you the opportunity to process things happening in your life with an unbiased person. How many of us have asked our friends or family for feedback on things happening in our lives (I'll raise my hand). The only problem with that is their solutions or feedback, can be biased or self-motivated. My practice is an all-inclusive space. As a Queer Affirming therapist, I provide a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community to have a voice.

I offer you a safe space to process things happening in your life from an unbiased perspective. My goals is to help you navigate the road to becoming a better you. All my clients come from different backgrounds all bringing value and perspective to the room. I specialize in overcoming childhood trauma as an adult, changing negative patterns preventing you from reaching your highest potential. Eliminating the strain our roots have on us.

Open the door to a life with less noise and more peace. I encourage my clients to see beyond the person who walked through my door by planting seeds of encouragement and belief. We will work together to sort through patterns, beliefs, and behaviors impacting you. I am here to hold those feeling you need to release and heal from.

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