You’re the person who: feels like you should have it together but is wondering where you fit; feels like people "just can’t know this thing about me"; looks like someone but feels like someone else; carries a secret that no one can know about. You're wondering “who am I now” and terrified that the people you love most will see that. There’s a part of you that feels so hidden, so shameful that you don’t dare tell anyone. You’re certain that if they find out, they won’t want you any more. And so you keep everyone away from that part; finally, that has meant keeping everyone away. You're hurting. You're lost. And you are lonely.

You just want to be seen – AND loved – for who you really are, not the mask you wear every day. The mask feels heavy. Exhausting. And you are lonely. But, somewhere inside, you know it doesn't have to be this way. That's why you're here. You're looking for someone you can trust enough to drop the pretense and learn how to live with courage and connection.

Do you know that the number one thing that predicts "success" in therapy is the relationship you and your therapist have? Yup. It's more important than any "technique.” That's why I focus on spending time getting to know you, building trust, and deeply listening to who you are. I can help you take off the mask and love the person you find underneath.

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