You've been having a hard time with the one (or several) of the following things: connecting with your emotions, figuring out your life, finding a healthy work/life balance, or coping with anxiety, stress, anger, or grief. Everyone says things will get better but you're still waiting for "better". What's worse, you don't feel comfortable talking about your issues in detail with your friends and family. You know they mean well, but they don't seem to get it and you wish you could talk to someone about your concerns without being judged or being looked at as a "crazy person." You just want to feel better.

Let me help you learn how to cope with your conflicting emotions and mental discomfort. Together, we will take a journey of self-discovery. You will feel heard, understood, and not judged. More importantly, you will learn things you can do to ease your pain and solve your problems.

I know it can be hard to believe that anything can help you feel better, but you CAN get out of this funk. I know it! As a woman, you are fully capable of doing anything you set your mind to. I look forward to working with you.

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