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Relationships can be very difficult. You may feel like you want to spend time with someone or be around more people, yet you find yourself home alone, feeling unwanted or staying in hurtful relationships. Possibly feeling too tired or worn out to connect with others, or just feeling like no one would understand you or how you are feeling anyway. You may even tell yourself there is no point in making the effort to get out. These things can be turned around. You can connect with people you care about and have a healthy relationship. I became a therapist because I have seen in my personal experiences people who have been hurt or used.

I have worked with people who didn’t even have basic life necessities, a safe home or anyone that they could lean on for help. I am dedicated to changing ongoing cycles of suffering and hidden wounds by helping those who want to learn how to create better relationships with themselves and others. My passion is helping people change their pain into pleasure.

I understand how difficult it is to open up or to express the feelings inside. You deserve to create meaningful connections with yourself and others and develop healthy relationships. I can help you free yourself from the cycles of heartache, let’s connect and get started today.

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