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Welcome! I’m Deela Brown, a Licensed Professional Counselor. I enjoy assisting women find their inner voice to announce their presence in a world woven with challenges and help them walk in their various notes of beauty, strength, and magnitude.

Life is beautiful, and full of stressors, joy, heartache, and love. Life naturally brings a range of emotions out of us, and some are difficult to manage. While we may be accomplished “on paper”, there might be an inner struggle to keep it all together. For some, there is even embarrassment or wonder as to why their personal life cannot be as successful as their work life. I help women process and navigate these emotions and develop a deep self awareness that allows them to confidently and unapologetically walk in their greatness.

At some point, we all experience loss. Whether it is the loss of a relationship, loss of an identity (i.e. changing of parental role), or passing of a loved one. While it may feel life will never be the same after the loss, and this is oftentimes true, I help women make sense of their experience and gain purpose and meaning as they heal from grief. I offer empathetic support and clinical and practical tools to help the healing.

As life takes its course, stability ebbs & flows, and self-reflection surfaces. It’s common to question the driving force of your current life situation, replay events in your mind, and question how to move forward or change. I help women challenge irrational beliefs and thinking errors. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a treatment modality to improve the lives of my clients by lessening discomfort caused by anxiety and depression, and life’s stressors.

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