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Hello and welcome. I’m glad you’re here. I'm Dayna.

Having done all the code-switching, and continually navigating spaces that were not created for me, my priority in my practice is to work with folx to apply their personal strengths despite adversity, and grow past their traumas. It’s not just about resilience, it’s about growing past the traumas that once controlled you, and finding personal power in your scars.

I'm a member of Thrive Psychology Group, a private practice in Los Angeles that works tirelessly to address the specific therapy needs of women who are frequently oppressed by our patriarchal society. It is a non-negotiable for me to continue creating space for marginalized groups, especially QTPoC, queer folx, and Black, Indigenous, people of color. My passion is holding a middle finger to the oppressive cultures that trained people to be silent about their pain.

There are many things that influence the way we deal with life's challenges, whether it is past experience, culture, a caregiver's voice, or the societal "shoulds" that we've always seemed to follow. We unpack it all together.

My specialities are trauma recovery/post-traumatic growth, self-cohesion, authenticity, boundaries, minority stress, and anxiety. Many of my clients are those who are having trouble finding their purpose or personal meaning, and navigating interpersonal relationship issues, including friends, family, and partners.

My practice lives along the intersection of activism, mindfulness, collective healing, and psychology. I will challenge you to find those intentional moments in breaking old patterns that do not serve you in the present. Breaking a generational cycle is nothing to underestimate. It is not only brave and powerful, but it also comes at a significant cost as well.

I am a humanistic therapist that is extensively trained in attachment theory but also integrates psychodynamic theory, trauma-responsive care, social learning, and cognitive-behavioral theories. What does all that mean? I focus on YOU. Your story, your goals, your speed. I walk alongside you and help you to examine patterns, unearth root causes, and flesh out what might no longer be serving you in the present, and support you in re-authoring your story.

How I deliver therapy is from a lens of complete acceptance of you. I believe in personal choice- you make the decisions that felt right in the moment. My goal is to support you and provide a new perspective, it is not to tell you what lane to take. There is no shame nor judgment, even if you felt like the choice made everything fall apart.

If this resonated with you, head on over to my website, where you can learn more about me, watch videos of me talking about the things I'm passionate about, and book a free 30-minute consultation via phone or telehealth.

I’m so excited to meet you!

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