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The Human Experience is Complex and Layered. I specialize in individual, couple/marital therapy, and conduct psychological assessments for those that need services from a culturally competent practitioner committed to decolonizing the profession and giving access to those marginalized and most vulnerable to systemic barriers.

Humans are vast and exploration is limitless. As a psychologist, I would be remiss by engaging my work without intentionality, humility, and culturally appropriate care. As someone with marginalized identities, I find value in reflecting in the moment with clients. I use a multicultural counseling model to address the unique needs of clients of color and LGBTQ+ folks.

I have a particular focus in individuals who may struggle to trust a system that has historically oppressed marginalized individuals. This includes areas such as: race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity development; socio-political reformative justice; ADHD concerns, relationship issues; anxiety and depression.

Please feel free to reach out if you are looking for someone who will hold your pain and honor your process. Seeking therapy is a reflection of your resilience and desire to evolve. Therapy is an opportunity to learn about self and the powerful ways that you exist as a human in a world that has challenged parts of who you are. Let’s do some work together.

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