Hello! I’m a dual Licensed Therapist, National Certified Counselor, Clinical Traumatologist, and Relationship Expert. My online practice is called EvolvinU. I am dedicated to the GIVERS! I create a safe space for Givers to heal, grow and evolve by transforming their relationships with self, others, and their future generations.

Are you the person that gives their everything until they feel broken? Have you been stuck in a never-ending cycle of toxic relationships? Do you feel burnt out or lost after putting everyone else first? Have you been carrying all your family's baggage? If any of these sound like you, you are a GIVER!

Nothing is wrong with being a Giver, but you must first have to give. During this metamorphosis, we will teach you to become SELFULL. This is the ability to give of oneself without losing oneself. It is the act of filling your cup before pouring into others. It also involves freeing oneself from the burdens of those that came before you.

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