I work with individual adults who experience worry more than they would like to. They have difficulty making decisions sometimes, experience self doubt, or negative self talk. My clients are intelligent and work hard, but don't always believe in themselves. My clients may feel stuck or at a crossroads and need to figure out which way to go, and advice from family and friends isn't working and you need a little more help. I offer a different perspective and help you find clarity and insight. My approach is unique to each client because our experiences are unique. I also work with couples on communication and understanding. I assist couples in getting to the heart of the matter by accessing emotions behind the conflict. I help couples in finding common ground by developing the tools and finding the words to communicate effectively. Life has been more difficult than usual. The world seems to be in chaos and we get up and go to work and try to live like nothing is happening. These things are impacting all of us. We worry more and we experience more anxiety. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with life in general. Or you just need to work through some thoughts and feelings to help make decisions, or transition through life stages. If this is you contact me and lets get you on the way to better days.

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