Daria L. Jordan is a Licensed Master Social Worker based in Texas. Daria is available to assist individuals with moving towards improving challenging situations and providing them with reliable, practical coping skills and techniques to better their overall well-being. Daria is supported by clinical supervision as she provides competent care for adults, children, and families experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, and life transitions in an open and nonjudgmental environment.

Daria uses a strength-based approach that helps individuals identify and use their inner strengths to reach their desired goals. Daria’s ability to quickly adapt to any situation allows a personalized visit with each client interaction as no two clients are the same.

Daria received a Master of Social Work at The University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley and a Bachelor of Social Work at Texas Southern University. Additionally, Daria has an Associate of Arts Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Daria believes that healing is a lifelong journey and has a goal to help adults, children, and families by creating a safe space for clients in vulnerable life situations. Daria has experience with multiple populations including adolescents, teens, adults, and families, with extensive experience in Mental Health including Crisis Intervention, Wraparound Services, Child Protective Services, and Chronic Illness/End of Life care.

Daria currently offers both in-person therapy sessions and online therapy sessions. Online counseling can be beneficial for those who may experience barriers that prevent them from attending in-person office sessions.

Practice Details