My favorite author, Cleo Wade, once wrote, “There is no mountain that cannot be climbed and there are more pathways to the top than we could ever imagine.”

At times, it can feel like the mountain(s) in front of us are insurmountable. The mountains could include grief reactions, trauma, relationship problems, newfound or old insecurities that won’t go away, job or financial insecurities, family difficulties, and many more. I believe that therapy exists to help you find alternative pathways to the top of the mountain you are facing. Although I have the degrees and licensure to call myself a clinical psychologist, I know that I am not an expert in your life. You are. Our work together will be to help you explore the challenges that you are facing and find ways to heal, make sense of, and/or navigate these personal issues.

I have a passion for working with marginalized communities, particularly Black and Brown adolescents and adults. Many of my past clients endured personal and/or systematic trauma. I feel comfortable sitting with the pain, fear, anxiety, or depression that clients bring into the room. I value and cherish the therapeutic relationship and believe that your trust in me will serve as the foundation of therapy itself.

Therapy is a rewarding and fulfilling experience for both the therapist and client. My treatment will focus on validating and empowering you to be your best self.

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