When life throws you curve balls, it can be hard to realize when you need support; especially when you've learned to cope by pushing through. You may not even recognize the signs, but deep down you feel yourself loosing your grounding. You may even fear the vulnerability in asking for help. Well, vulnerability is power and your bravery and courage are the first steps to getting what you need to walk down a new path.

My goal is to walk beside you - through whatever mess is in the way, empowering you to envision where you'd like to be and guiding you through the journey of healing and growth.

Working with professional women, women of color and couples, I have a special interest in life transitions, pivots and transformative healing. As a former 6-year marketing executive at Microsoft, I empower women and people of color to heal from negative gender and racial experiences, particularly in a family/couple context and the workplace.

If you're ready for a change - in your relationships, your work life, or ready to explore a new perspective, it would be my honor to offer a safe and empowering space to begin the journey. I will be lock step with your unique set of needs, challenges and strengths. Reach out today! Note: I am available to provide telehealth to anyone residing in Washington.
We offer a quarterly Support Group exclusively for professional Black women! Participation includes a custom companion workbook and guest speakers ranging from a trauma informed yoga instructor and a naturopathic doctor. We explore topics specifically curated for Black women. You've missed our Fall 2021 cohort, but reach out today to explore our Winter 2022 group - visit www.dreamlifeoutloud.com/groups for more information and book your seat today!

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