You mixed? Adopted? African parents? White parents? Work with mostly white folks?

These examples and more outline how many of us are navigating different worlds, trying to figure out who we are in each setting. Confident on the outside, but inwardly feeling like "too much" for some and not enough for others. It's one thing to see "just be your authentic self" messages, and it is a whole different story to be the only woman of color in a room trying to get promoted within a group of white peers. Or to hear about how you should set boundaries and stop caretaking but doing so means going against family dynamics or long-standing cultural norms. You don't want to be a "bad" daughter, sister, granddaughter. But you are tired and stressed. It is so clear to see why. All these parts of you are battling in your mind causing anxiety and depression. 
It is possible to have fulfilling relationships and success at work without losing your mind, playing small or hiding parts of yourself. It takes some deep work but I already know you've done many hard things in your life. 
I am highly trained in attachment-based therapy and my clients and I work on healing relationship wounds, identity integration and rejecting the anxiety/depression burnout cycle many high-achieving women get trapped in. If this sounds like the kind of support you could benefit from, reach out. 

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