Are you someone who feels an indescribable weight that you carry in your day-to-day which is making it difficult for you to concentrate, feel confident, and feel fulfilled? Are you someone that feels there is just a sense of never ending pressure and unrelenting standards that leaves you feeling drained and unmotivated? Do you feel random moments of when you feel nervous, worried, out of place, and the need to distant yourself even from important relationships? Are you a BLERD who wants to bring that part of yourself into sessions? If so, I welcome the chance to work with you on these concerns and more.

I have advanced training in working with teenagers and adults who have concerns with anxiety, sexuality, perfectionism, acceptance & self-worth, emotional trauma, “adulting”, and stress management. I work with both individuals as well as couples who may be poly or monogamous. My clients have described me as someone upbeat, compassionate, and energetic but who will challenge you and be solution-focused in order to reach your goals and see new perspectives.

I welcome the opportunity to be both a guide and partner in elevating this journey of becoming more fulfilled, discovering new direction, and gaining an overall better life balance.

I have weekend and evening availability.

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