*At this time I am currently full and not accepting new clients.*

Are you feeling stressed, consumed with thoughts, trauma, or sadness? Are you trying to be strong and continue to push through everyday? You are NOT alone. Life takes unplanned and unpredictable turns. Let’s work together to remove your mask of self-doubt and insecurities. Your journey of healing will include learning skills, receiving tools, exploring values, and self-care. I believe in creating a brave space and a comfortable environment for you to explore and learn more about yourself in authentic ways one step at a time. Are you ready to turn the page and start a new chapter?

I specialize in working with adults who experiences anxiety, depression, and trauma. I will bring my knowledge, interventions, and trainings, but you are the expert of your life. I strive to work with you to identify unhelpful thoughts, empower you to make value-based decisions, and learn new behaviors that best meets your needs.

Therapy is collaborative. Together, let’s process your previous life chapters, reflect, and plan for your new chapter. Let’s take the first step to healing together.

Danielle Burks
Licensed Therapist
Owner of Journey to Healing, PLLC

*At this time I am currently full and not accepting new clients.*

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