I work with adolescents and young adults finding their way through life changes by helping them to discover and communicate their needs to others more assertively and respond to life stressors in healthier ways. When we feel stressed, we often vision and dream of what a better life could be for ourselves. As circumstances change, so do our paths of life. Nevertheless, many of our dreams remain the same. In my work I will challenge you to put your dreams into action while supporting your pace with patience and consistence. Through talk therapy, practices of mindfulness, and art therapy techniques, I will help you grow from a life of carrying those heavy feelings inside to beginning creative release.

Beginning clients often express to me how exhausted and drained they feel without proper life balance. By using the, grow to feel confident enough to take effective charge when faced with life's battles and begin to set boundaries with others to be the boss of your own lives! Even still, the art of counseling is challenging the status quo. Therefore, instead of feeling connected with yourself, your relationship, friendships and family, you may feel isolated, misunderstood and overwhelmed. We will explore the areas in your life that have silenced your voice, stopped your personal and/or career growth or caused you to lose motivation to do the things you love, or even having motivation to take care of yourself. We will work together to help you find effective solutions to get you off your routine “go-mode” of life and incorporate time for yourself to promote balance and stress release.

Change starts with conversation. Although our normal routines can become comfortable, ask yourself, Is it really helping? Growth doesn’t happen overnight and it does not have to be a lonely process. Forget the stigma, release the fear or doubt and reach out to begin your journey of healing. What’s holding you back?

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