We encounter transitional moments throughout our various phases of life—monumental achievements, college to career entry, dating and marriage, friendships, parenthood, career progression. Life transitions are inevitable and they create an opportunity for new beginnings. Without internal transformation, we may temporarily change our circumstances only to find ourselves recreating familiar patterns that manifest in anxiety, perfectionism, depression, rigid thinking, and relationship challenges.

Transformation occurs when you can break free from the self-defeating patterns that keep you trapped in a cycle of dissatisfaction, imbalance, and overwhelm. My goal is to provide you with practical tools that will empower you to make lasting transformations in your mindset and behaviors that lead to improvements in your emotional wellness.

I believe in the power of collaboration + clinical strategy + intention. My clinical strategy includes providing strengths-based and culturally responsive care that incorporates empirically supported treatment interventions to help my clients achieve their goals. Together, we’ll partner on the journey toward personal transformation and new beginnings.

I look forward to connecting with you and partnering with you in your journey toward emotional wellness.

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This group is designed to provide a safe and affirming space for women to foster connections, support, affirm and empower one another. In the Sister Circle women experience belonging and establish community. Women support each other in the process of exploring the following topics:

Discovering interpersonal patterns

Balancing multiple roles & responsibilities

Prioritizing self-care

Enhancing coping skills

Developing actionable plans for goal achievement