I am Damilola Adesina, Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Ireti Counseling and Wellness. As a first generation Nigerian-American, I was not awarded the privilege of focusing on my mental health during my childhood. As a result, I unfortunately inherited the struggles and trauma of my parents and their parents, which left me, subconsciously, wading in waters that I didn't know could drown me. Navigating my personal traumas and struggles as an adult is what propelled me to create Ireti Counseling and Wellness.

In the Yoruba language, which is my tribe and native language, the word "IRETI" means hope. Hope is the belief that our future circumstances can change for the better. Without hope, we remain uncommitted or inconsistent to our goals and to the actions needed in order to see instrumental change in our lives.

My passion is helping others see that their situation is not hopeless. I believe that when individuals are willing to put in the work, true and transformative change can occur in your personal life. The only person that we can control is ourselves, so by focusing on ourselves and diving deeper into how our thoughts influence our feelings and the core beliefs that contribute to the schemas.

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