I am a Licensed Master of Social Work and Co-Founder of The Holistic Coalition.

The Holistic Coalition is a team of women therapists working together to provide our clients with all the tools, support, and resources to assist our clients in achieving and sustaining optimal wellness.

I have been driven by the purpose of empowering individuals to become their ideal selves, I believe no one is innately whom they want to be in life but with a conscious effort, support and guidance you can become exactly who you aspire to be. I specialize in the areas of wellness, depression, life transitions, stress management, and anxiety. I have spent the last five years working in the community guiding individuals, families, and couples towards a healthier balanced lifestyle with customized wellness journeys. These journeys cater to the imbalanced areas of wellness in their lives and provide goals, support, and resources for them to implement into their lives to live a healthier balanced lifestyle. I take a nurturing and authentic approach to treating the individual as a whole and not just their presenting symptoms. I understand that life is full of things to get you off balance but with the right plan, an abundance of support, and encouragement you can regain balance and be at peace.

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