I love to help aspiring people find new meaning of life by sorting through feelings of worry and hopelessness instead of avoiding them like an annoying telemarketer. My clients struggle just like you do. Despite being successful, intelligent, and as sweet as a Georgia peach, life is hard. When they first come in, they feel overwhelmed with every aspect of their life. What once seemed like a small hurdle has turned into an Olympic sport to overcome. They can hardly remember feeling motivated and feel like joy has vanished.
I get it. Real life problems aren't simple to deal with. Life is never as simple as other people make it sound. As a black therapist, I can offer a lived experience perspective to help you work through the extra things you're dealing with that might be impacted by your own identity.
Like my clients, you are worthy and deserving of peace. There is great strength within vulnerability. A fulfilled and meaningful life is within reach despite any of your life experiences. I’d love to help you plant the seed of healing, and continue to water your new found peace.

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