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Good mental health, is not optional, It’s a necessity! Faithnprogress wants to help achieve it.

Whether in the home, in your workplace, within an academic setting, or anywhere that you want to bring your fullest and healthiest self; good mental health will help you get there and stay there.

Faithnprogress is just what the name implies-recognizing that it takes faith to eventually see progress in your life. The principles that guide my work include: recognizing the role of faith in your life, the importance of partnership, and the value in developing skills that are life-changing and enduring.

I enjoy working with adults facing the challenges of ADHD and Neurodiverse functioning (ASD). In childhood, theses conditions and their challenges can, in some cases, be acknowledged with a bit more compassion. However, in adulthood, when patients themselves don’t clearly connect the dots of their struggles, or those around them can’t reconcile an “invisible disability or impaired functioning, over a period of time this can lead to a painful and isolating road of silent suffering. Additionally, stereotyped presentations and gender/race biases can all but render Black men and women invisible and not recognized as persons who also experience their own struggles related to these conditions. In my practice, I work to heal that hurt and empower individuals to function as best as possible with the brain they were given with an adjustment of expectations, development of adaptive coping skills, and the sense of empowerment that develops when self advocacy is activated.

If this sounds like you, someone you know or care about then I can support you. I can also help with an accurate diagnosis that can clarify the specifics of your struggles and develop a customized plan of support and implementation (PSI). To that end, I provide psychological/psycheducational.

Similarly, if you are an organization that recognizes the need to recruit, support, and maintain persons facing these struggles, then I can help you too.

Feel free to reach out for a 15minute consultation to discuss your needs and the possibilities of working together.

I look forward to hearing from you. You may contact me by phone: 202.503.9510, or check us out my website www.Faithnprogress.com.

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