My belief is that each individual is not only dynamic but fully capable. Too often we can build walls where we see challenges due to past experiences. We may have even been conditioned, or conditioned ourselves, to live in fear of our own possibilities. I will assist you in developing the intrinsic skills and insight required for success. Allow me to assist you in the process of having a deeper understanding of yourself, your environment, and your relationships.

My focus with each client is to collaborate on the best care while also assisting to deepen their focus and understanding of themselves. I utilize a number of techniques that focus on reducing negative coping skills by increasing self-awareness. Some of those skills include thought reframing, mindfulness, understanding irrational thoughts, building better boundaries, and enhancing communication.

The clients that tend to want to work with me include (but not limited to) those who are experiencing life transitions (i.e. adulting, new relationships, or parenting for example), issues stemming from childhood, behaviors they have that are no longer serving them, fears, overwhelming anxiety or thoughts, and depression.My clients also tend to struggle with boundaries, self-esteem issues, body image/weight issues, lack of assertiveness or too much aggression, a fear a speaking up for themselves, or just plain feeling stuck.

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