I am caring, compassionate, and a very good listener. I am a Christian, wife of a Veteran, mother, and grandmother. My heritage is Caribbean-American. I grew up in South Florida with four sisters and two brothers. I was very independent at a very young age and willing to help out wherever.

I am a musician starting with piano in elementary school, then clarinet in middle school, and bass clarinet and bassoon in high school. I love music and find it beneficial in every aspect of life.

I decided to grow my family before pursuing a career. I decided to pursue a career in the mental health field because of a family member being diagnosed with a severe mental health disorder. I earned my AA in Psychology, then a dual degree in Psychology and Behavioral Science. After my undergrad, I went on to receive my master's in Social Work.

I have worked with Veterans, the homeless, hospice, young adults, children, elders, and individuals with severe mental health diagnoses.

In my pursuit to help my family member, I became even more passionate about mental health and reducing the negative stigma attached to it. This passion I share with everyone I encounter.

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