Personal growth and overcoming emotional and mental challenges can feel like immovable obstacles. These obstacles may be related to work, family, intimate relationships, societal and cultural pressures, discrimination, racism or other traumas. The challenges can cause several symptoms like anxiety, sadness, isolation, anger, rage, defensiveness or low self-esteem. Unfortunately, not everyone was afforded the opportunity to learn healthy coping skills to manage these symptoms, nor how to recognize or recover from them. Furthermore, discussing personal challenges may have been forbidden or discouraged, especially outside of the home.

As a Black, female clinician, I understand these challenges and the associated fear and pain. As such, I collaborate with my clients along their journey to healing. In addition to talking through challenges, I introduce techniques to help conquer symptoms and provide my clients with secure emotional support in a non-judgmental environment.

If you can relate to these challenges or symptoms and my approach seems like a good fit, please contact me for additional information. You may also click on the website tab for a brief preview. I look forward to hearing from you!

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