Sharlita is a dedicated holistic wellness practitioner, with a therapeutic coaching practice, servicing the greater Washington Metropolitan area (DMV). As a clinical social worker she is committed to helping clients achieve post-traumatic growth, life balance, relationship satisfaction and value aligning clarity.

Sharlita's approach is filled with is filled with compassion, intentionality and proven support. Each session is approached through meeting clients where they are, while holding space for each client to drop the mask, process emotions, find solutions, and become. The ultimate goal is to help clients achieve optimal mental health, life/lifestyle, career and relationship satisfaction… and let’s be honest, sometimes we need someone to talk to without the anxiety of being misunderstood or risking everyone knowing our personal business after an overshare.

First hand, in her personal fitness journey, Sharlita experienced the power of somatic healing and deep emotional regulation over mental and emotional obstacles and sought to help others gain the same strength. In service to that mission, Sharlita launched a therapeutic coaching practice, teaching holistic methods and fusing mindfulness techniques, to guide and equip clients as they heal, self discover, and navigate day-to-day life.

When Sharlita isn't in session, she's attending classes and conferences to strengthen her ability to provide the most innovate practices to clients within her care. When she isn't pouring into others, Sharlita loves swimming, spending time in nature, worshipping with church family and cooking new recipes. No matter the environment, Sharlita moves through the world with intention and finds a way to promote healing.

"Psychotherapy helps us to understand and heal the past, therapeutic coaching helps us to craft our preferred future." -TheTherapist

Thinking about starting? If you’re looking to be heard and are motivated to make positive and sustainable changes, let’s start today!

To schedule a FREE 15-30min discovery call, visit us here: https://www.craftingbalancellc.consulting

I look forward to listening to you.

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