…sometimes we need someone to talk too, other times we need support navigating the bigger transitions in life. We’re here for all of it!

Sharlita is a dedicated wellness practitioner, trained clinical social worker and psychotherapist. Crafting Balance, is a therapeutic coaching and mental healthcare rehabilitation private practice, servicing college students and adults ages 18+, with co-occurring mental health issues. Currently servicing Maryland and Washington D.C residents. Sharlita is recognized for her dedication to wellness, commitment to clients and passion for finding solutions. In her work, each session with Sharlita's is filled with compassion, actionable tools and reliable support.

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Sharlita specializes in providing cognitive and behavioral support for the following issues:

Relationship Stress
Life Transitions
Career Stress
Low self-esteem
Attachment Trauma
Adoption Trauma
Family Conflicts
Post Traumatic Grief
Women Issues

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