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My name is Courtney Watson and I am the owner of a group practice in Oakland and we are here to serve the Black Girls of the Bay Area. We are a group practice of 6 Queer and POC clinicians, 5 of whom who are Black providing Individual, Couple and Sex therapy to Queer People of Color and Allies!! We offer a Queer, Kinky, Poly and Sex worker safe space with a variety of specialties from eating disorders to somatics to race-based trauma to sex therapy. We also have 3 Black (highly trained) sex therapists in our practice.

Our Black Girl Therapists:
Stephanie McWoods is an ASW. She works with Black and POC individuals and couples with a special emphasis on race-based trauma and historical trauma using a deeply culture-centered lens. If you have trouble recovering from microaggressions or have experienced racism, Stephanie can help you unpack the traumatizing impact of these incidents. Stephanie employs expressive art, mindfulness, and straight talk in session. She is sensitive to your experience and honest in her approach. If you are looking for a safe space to discuss White Supremacy and its impact on you or tired of tokenism in your professional and private life, click below to schedule a consult with Stephanie today! https://calendly.com/smcwoods

Leticia Brown is a LMFT. She works with QTPOC individuals, couples & polycules and specializes in trauma work and a range of sexuality-related issues. Leticia is getting a PhD in Human Sexuality. If there is any aspect of sexuality or sexual trauma that you want to address with someone who can hold your experience as a Black person as well, click below to schedule a consult with Leticia today!

Alice Cary is a LCSW. She works with both individuals & couples and specializes in work with disordered eating amongst QTPOC. She uses a social justice lens and focuses on work with POC, LGBQ, trans/non-binary/ 2 spirit, kink, and poly folx. If you have a history of disordered eating, body struggles or “food stuff” Alice is the therapist for you. She is also wonderful for Black folks working through struggles with acceptance related to having a multiracial identity. The trauma of being Black in a predominantly white environment is real! If that strikes you a certain way, click below to schedule a consult with Alice today!

Black Girl Allied Therapists:
Dr. Larry Burrell holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Clinical and Health Psychology. He works with LGBTQ, POC and allies on a variety of concerns while attending to cultural factors related to wellness. If you have a specific concern like difficulties in relationships or a more general interest in improving your well-being by learning how to better deal with strong emotions, Larry will provide a warm and supportive space to foster your personal growth. Larry holds your experience with deep compassion and understands the struggles of queer men of color and other diverse groups. He welcomes conversations regarding navigating spaces where you may feel othered, difficulties with experiences related to gender, sexual health, and how to develop healthy ways to cope. His goal is to help you feel more empowered to make meaningful changes. If you are looking for a safe space to discuss sensitive topics and deep concerns with a light-hearted and highly experienced clinician, click below to schedule a consult with Larry today! www.calendly.com/drlarry404

Keiko Kubo is an AMFT. As someone who believes in the strong connection between the mind, body and spirit, she offers soma-cultural therapy which considers the body an insightful informant of your experience in the world and an entry point for addressing and releasing trauma. Your work together will honor your journey of healing, liberation and empowerment. Her approach is informed by Psychologies of Color which acknowledge our society’s problems as well as the microcosm of the universe within you. She is a queer Japanese American woman who is passionate about co-creating safe spaces with people of color, womxn and folks that identify as LGBTQ+. She also loves to work with youth, couples, expansive relationships and families. She speaks English, Japanese and Spanish and is happy to incorporate these languages in your work together if it helps you express yourself and your world better. https://calendly.com/kkubomft

Our Rates:
While we don't take insurance, we do offer insurance reimbursement options for our clients with out of network benefits. We have great luck with assisting our clients in getting a portion of their out of pocket fees covered. Our rates for individual therapy start at $150/session and our couples start at $200/session.

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