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Thoughts create your reality. Does your current reality reflect the life you truly desire? We all know negative thinking can transform into questioning every decision you make. One thought leads to another telling you a story making it easier for you to believe. You find yourself in a dark space, isolated and uncertain of how to move forward. You tend to compare yourself to others and feel hopelessly inferior. Self-doubt, low self-esteem, anxiety, isolation, unmet goals, fear, and even depression begin to become your everyday norm, impacting your quality of life.

Do I need therapy to take control of my life?
Over time, you should notice a decrease in the intensity of your negative thoughts until you one day find it no longer affects you. In therapy, we will practice together by identifying your triggers and developing a plan to help you overcome your thoughts and any fears toward change and identify your strengths. We will also help you connect to your body and create space to be in the present moment.

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