While in therapy I will help you identify your inner strengths and regain control over your life. I will remind you to “not give up on yourself” and the goals you have for your life. I focus on you learning to truly love who you are, including your childhood, past, trauma, and hurt, as all of these experiences have impacted who you are, but they do not have to define you. I will place a high emphasis on building a strong rapport with you and making therapy more like a relaxed conversation. There is no need to feel ashamed or timid about sharing your experiences, as you did not come to me to be judged, you came to me for help, and that is what I am here to offer. I know therapy can be challenging to start and commit to, especially when it comes to making positive changes, so know that I will challenge you and ask you some hard questions, not to intimidate you, but to help you grow.

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