I require highly motivated, high functioning and engaged clientele in my private practice setting. I am interested in working with clients who are invested and ready to make the necessary changes in their life through therapy. I -PROVIDE - INDIVIDUAL THERAPY - ONLY - (NO COUPLES) - AT THIS TIME. I require a 12 session minimum commitment from clients before accepting any new clients into my private practice. Due to my current caseload the day and time we agree to meet will more than likely be the day and time we will meet on a weekly basis (12X) over a 3 month time period.

Treatment is accomplished through a healthy, caring, and positive therapeutic environment. In my private practice setting I create a safe, relaxing and comfortable experience. Together we will focus on goal oriented treatment that can be measured in a timely manner. I specialize in the treatment of Anxiety, Depression, and Adjustment Disorders. I have experience working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Socialization Skills, Domestic Violence, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), Relationship Conflicts, and Race Based Trauma. Our individual sessions will aim to increase self-awareness and also help you develop insight into your mental, emotional, and relational well-being. I create a healthy safe space and setting in which you can openly express yourself while exploring challenges you’re facing currently.

My diversity in ethnicity and broad experience provides me a unique perspective and insights. I work with a variety of populations and serve multiple demographics.
I approach therapy and mental health through a holistic lens and philosophy. I treat the entire individual including diet, lifestyle, medical conditions, and exploring any other aspects that can be negatively impacting your health and quality of life.

I have a thorough intake process that takes a few sessions to complete in its entirety. Each initial individual intake will explore your family history and background in depth while searching for the common thread leading up to your current challenges. Many clients feel my intake process is an intense process initially but they eventually see the relevance and importance of this in-depth exploration within the therapeutic process and context. After the initial intake is completed we will work together to determine a treatment plan with goals and objectives we both agree upon to begin the therapeutic work and process. The populations I serve are Adults, Geriatrics, and Veterans among others. I accept most health insurance plans and also CASH.

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