Coral Heart Counseling provides therapy to those who want to live their best life, but find it hard to do so because of the various life stressors that have gotten in the way. These individuals usually feel like aspects of their life are too much and that their mind, body, and spirit are out of sync; they’re overwhelmed. Our clientele are individuals who are tired of struggling with life events that may include transitions, racial identity, relationships, adulting, imposter syndrome, low self-esteem, professional conflicts, anxiety, depression, and past traumatic moments. We want to help our clients move beyond what’s holding them back from enjoying their life and loving themselves so that they can feel free and at peace.

We assist in our clients’ growth by utilizing various modalities that are meant to bring out a person’s strengths, show them their power, and allow them to see how much they matter in this world. We also provide guidance on difficult issues that individuals may be faced with so that they can decide what is best for them.

We believe in providing a safe space and necessary skills for our clients to achieve their goals. Our aim is that our clients to encounter enhanced emotional intelligence, relational/relationship advancement, and professional growth. We hope that you will take a step towards freedom of the mind, feeling at ease, and self-love by reaching out to us.

*** Check out our website at www.coralheartcounseling.com and reach out to us to see if we can be a great partnership and work together.

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