Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, United States


Online Counseling for women in VA, NC, and FL to help them navigate challenges with stress, relationships, or identifying as LGBTQIA.

Stress, relationships, or identifying as LGBTQIA leaves you feeling overwhelmed, unappreciated, unloved, and unable to live in your truth. The pressure of being everything for everybody while ignoring your own needs is becoming too much. Who’s taking care of you? Who’s making sure your needs are met? The kids, work, your relationship, just life has caused you to put yourself on the back burner while taking care of everyone else. You are making decisions to please others, while you are unhappy. The stress of being true to yourself has become a burden. You’re finally ready to make yourself a priority and live in your truth.

Women come to us feeling just like you. Together, we rebuild a life of joy, peace, and balance. We help you reduce stress, improve relationships, and become comfortable in the skin you’re in without trying to make everybody else happy. Our goal is to help you see that you are important and taking care of your mental and emotional needs is not a selfish act.

As women ourselves, we know your struggle. While we each have unique challenges, we’re no strangers to stress, overwhelm, and loneliness. It’s okay for the strong to feel weak sometimes. Making yourself a priority is possible. Freedom to be exactly who you are is possible. Don't keep doing it alone. Visit our website to schedule a free consultation today!

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