Are you a Christian millennial struggling with toxic interpersonal relationships? As an individual and/or couple, do you struggle with creating and maintaining peace within your relationship or marriage?
Do you find yourself engaged in toxic relationships either at work, with family, friends, or in romantic relationships? Being engaged in a toxic interpersonal relationship is draining and overwhelming. It leaves you questioning if you’re worthy of receiving and being loved. God created humans to experience genuine and loving relationships through Him. It is not meant to be used as a way to control or abuse the other person.

When I help individuals and couples overcome toxic interpersonal relationships, we uncover the underlying issues that are creating the toxicity. I will then help you learn how to communicate your boundaries effectively to help protect your peace. Then we will focus on identifying your needs and desires within the relationship.

Learning to love and embrace your worth first is the key to attracting and maintaining a healthy interpersonal relationship. If you’re ready to overcome toxic interpersonal relationships and learn to experience genuine connections, click on the website and schedule your free 15-minute consult today. I help Christian millennials overcome toxic relationships daily.

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