Welcome to Clarity & Compassion Counseling & Coaching!

My name is Lauren Ludlow and I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW #95632) providing therapy in California and life coaching across the US.

I specialize in supporting self-aware and motivated women who are struggling with issues of anxiety, codependency, and burnout to heal the trauma at the root of their patterns and build life the is centered on their values and their joy.

Maybe you have found that the patterns, beliefs, and practices that got you to where you are today are no longer serving you. You have gotten used to being there for everyone all the time. Friends, colleagues, parents, partners, children all know that they can rely on you. You are reliable, kind, and love getting things done. But in the midst of all the roles, goals, responsibilities, and relationships you have lost yourself and gotten disconnected from your desires and needs.

You find it hard to say, "No."
You have a strong inner-critic that keeps you constantly doing.
Your life is more defined by commitment and obligation than freedom (sometimes it doesn't even feel like your life).
You are overwhelmed but the idea of letting others down or wanting to focus on yourself more makes you feel guilty.
You love the people in your life but you also feel resentful of how much they need you.

Let me support you in building the patterns, beliefs, and practices to start thriving now. I provide a safe, collaborative, and encouraging space for you to get clarity on what matters to you the most, uproot limiting beliefs, and discover how you can live in a way that aligns with thriving.

My approach is holistic. I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, somatic therapy (body-based practices for healing from trauma), self-compassion, and mindfulness practices. I also believe it is essential to understand the ways that the the social world and barriers like racism, sexism, heteronormativity, gender-identity based discrimination impact you and how we can develop your resilience in light of that.

My practice is completely virtual and I see all my clients via a secure online portal.

My fee is $175 per session and I do have sliding scale sessions available (these sessions are in the morning and early afternoon). As my client, you will also get access to meditation sessions, visualization sessions, journaling, classes and other online events that I host for clients as well as access to custom worksheets and guides.

You can schedule a free consultation with me through my website.

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