Outpatient Behavioral Healthcare

I am an Embodied Relational Trauma Expert. What does that mean!?! I don’t just treat the mind (through traditional talk therapy); I engage the body (somatic experiencing). There is a connection between mind and body and soul and spirit. The body truly keeps score and is the container of all unprocessed trauma which is why we don’t get better by just talking. I also have an integrative approach using CBT, IPT and body therapies (the link between emotions and physiology). Okay…but what makes me different than any other trauma expert? I understand the underpinnings of the trauma of the lived racialized experiences of Black women. Today, just living in Black skin is traumatic. Being a Black woman in white America is traumatic. And not having a safe container for a brave and courageous conversation for healing is even more traumatic! That’s where I come in. I am here to hold space for you! You are in the right place if you are a Black woman seeking a safe space to talk about feelings and all the stuff we’ve been conditioned to mask and hide. I am here to hold space and building a community of legacy leaders who need to know it’s okay to NOT be okay and who want to heal.

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