Parenting is hard work. You are just about fed up with your child not listening, fussing, throwing a fit, or talking back. Your child may excel at school but then takes a long time to get homework done. Raising a child who is acting out can be tiring. And some kids have other difficulties, like autism, OCD, or depression. Not to mention the worry or depression you may be feeling as the parent trying to juggle everything. It is time to find the help you need. With 19 years of experience I treat various disorders including autism spectrum disorders, behavior problems, ADHD, anxiety (OCD, generalized anxiety disorder, hair-pulling), and depression. I work with parents to implement effective discipline and parenting strategies. I work with toddlers, children, and teens to help them better control their actions, feelings, and thoughts. Also, I work with adults who are struggling find balance and fulfillment in their lives. There is some flexibility in how your therapy sessions are conducted with in office and video sessions available.

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