I am a licensed mental health counselor and licensed professional counselor in New York and New Jersey, a national certified counselor, and an approved clinical supervisor with a master's degree in Community Counseling and a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have 10 years experience in providing mental health treatment to clients with mood , anxiety and trauma related , psychosis , behavior, and substance disorders. I have engaged adult and elderly clients in varying forms of counseling consisting of individual, family, couples', group, crisis, grief, substance, anger management, and vocational counseling in traditional and non-traditional settings.

My approach consists of integrating client centered, existentialist, cognitive behavioral, and solution focused therapies. I facilitate therapy with focusing on clients' core values, beliefs, and culture to assist and empower clients to gain insight regarding presenting issues and utilizing their strengths to identify/develop positive ways to cope with stressors.

My hope is for clients to experience empowerment, growth, and happiness in their daily lives through therapy. Please understand that my license allows me to provide teletherapy and traditional therapy to clients who reside in NY and NJ only due to jurisdiction laws. I am also practicing virtual only in NY indefinitely and will offer in-person therapy in NJ.

One more thing! If you are looking for an expressive outlet in addition to therapy, please check out: 50 Affirmations for the Millennial in You, which is an affordable therapeutic journal with affirmations and mandalas to inspire positive thoughts as well as for your writing and coloring pleasure. For additional information, please click on the View My Website link at the top of the page.

Thank You for your support!

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    717 N. Beers St
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    Holmdel, NJ
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    Holmdel Township
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    New Jersey, New York
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    Online and In-Office
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    Daytime (9a - 5p), Evening (after 5p)
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