Ciara is a Limited Licensed Master’s Social Worker (LLMSW) who graduated with her Masters of Social work from Wayne State University and a Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a concentration in family systems from Siena Heights University. After earning her undergraduate degree, she gained experience helping people through permanency goals for children and reunification for families while working, in foster care. During her time there, she recognized her passion for helping others through their trauma, providing services such as referrals for trauma assessments, substance abuse therapy, family therapy, and other mental health issues, she realized she wanted to become a clinical therapist.

Ciara believes that every individual possesses the capacity to develop, change, and triumph over the difficulties that life presents. Ciara uses a combination of mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy with each client. She examines a client's physical, spiritual, emotional, and social lives to assist them in finding balance. However, life has a way of convincing us that discouragement, anxiety, and depression are our destiny at times. She has made it her life's work to assist clients in harnessing their own superpowers to confront their own unique challenges head-on through a strengths-based and supportive approach. In a session, Ciara strives to establish a secure and encouraging setting in which clients can express themselves, gain knowledge, and be themselves without fear of being judged or discouraged. Ciara is of the opinion that each person has a unique set of strengths, even if they aren't aware of them. The process will constantly be directed considering your wellbeing. Ciara will help you build insight and self-awareness while also assisting you in identifying your strengths and areas for growth, guiding you to feel more fulfilled, whole, and true to yourself, regardless of the challenges that life throws at you. Ciara will also work with you to identify unhealthy ways of thinking and acting that hurt your relationships and self-esteem, keeping in mind how your environment and the world around you affect you as a person. The objective is to give you control over your emotions and behaviors rather than letting them control you, and to make sure that after therapy, you have the skills and insight you need to keep living a happy life.

Ciara lives in Detroit with her younger sister and enjoys making homemade candles for fun reading, baking, cooking, watching shows/movies, journaling, taking a walk in the park, meditation, yoga.

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