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Are you struggling in your romantic, family, peer and/or work relationships? Do you desire close friendships and romantic intimacy, but find it difficult to connect with people? Do you feel high levels of anxiety in social situations? Do you find yourself becoming easily angered these days? How about feeling like you are all alone, and the only person you can depend on is yourself? Perhaps you may be experiencing a combination of these to varying degrees. Painful past experiences may be contributing to high levels of stress, social anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges.
The good news is, working with a therapist can help you regulate your emotions, feel less triggered and assist with repairing and nurturing positive, supportive relationships. Point and Pivot Counseling Services is a Trauma-Focused mental health private practice specializing in Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
My passion is helping women who may have experienced developmental/childhood trauma, navigate and improve connections with significant others, family, peers, etc. I am excited to assist you on your journey towards healing, establishing a sense of safety, rebuilding self-esteem and fostering meaningful, fulfilling relationships. Contact me today!

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