Hey there, I'm chrys.

Do you feel like you’re constantly going through the same cycles in your life and relationships? Are you under a heavy load of anxiety or depression that you just can’t seem to shake? Have you stayed stuck in the past for too long and need help letting go?

It’s not easy to sit down and share your story, and it can be hard enough just facing it. But the fact that you’re here and have a desire, no matter how faint that spark may be, is what matters most. I'm here, not as a "know it all" but as a partner and guide on your journey to a more balanced and centered life.

I’m a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience working with individuals in all demographics and range of issues. For me, therapy is a process that takes creativity to explore our complexities in a way that allows room for humor and joy in the midst of self discovery. In fact, after earning my degree in Psychology from esteemed Spelman College, I took a detour and spent time in the music industry! I completed my graduate studies at UCLA and all of this knowledge was greatly enhanced after, when I worked in one of the busiest clinics in Los Angeles for close to 10 years.

I’m so happy that you’re taking this step to rediscovering yourself. I know that peace of mind comes from a willingness to accept and navigate through the ebbs and flows of life with greater insight, patience, and love. Let's work together to make this happen!

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