Columbia, South Carolina 29201, United States


I hear you telling me things like:
🌀 "I feel like I have to prove myself to be loved"
🌀 "If it's not perfect, I don't want no parts of it"
🌀 "I'm tired of not feeling accepted"
🌀 "I keep dating the same type of person, so I must be a magnet for jerks"

On top of that, there’s a level of shame you deal with because you’re a professional, accomplished, strong woman who can handle everything that comes her way…until the chips fall. And then you “still feel silly” because you've been making the same choices you know get you less desirable results. You think you “should know better”. I get it.

My specialty is helping you find control in the chaos that you have somehow found comfortable. Your sessions will focus on decreasing the discomfort of abandonment, rejection, self-worth issues, trust issues, and more in your relationships with yourself and others. You'll work on increasing your ability to set boundaries where they matter and catch yourself in the spiral of anxious thoughts, so you can protect the peace you've been searching for, for years.

If you're ready to learn a system that works best for the person you want to be, contact me today!

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    1403 1/2 Calhoun Street
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    South Carolina
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    Online Only
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Group Therapy Details

I host monthly groups virtually. My "How to" series is subject to change, based on what you tell me you need.
Here's an example of the current series...

If you want to
✌🏾Be better at paying attention to red flags
✌🏾 Detangle from the eff boy
✌🏾 feel more secure for your next relationship

You need my group

How to Move On: Mind, Body, Soul will get more in-depth with a focus on how to do a Relationship Autopsy, where we explore the mind, body, and soul ties you need to cut so you can

🙏🏾 Free up space for the love you want and deserve
🙏🏾 Learn how to avoid the mistakes of choosing the same, toxic partner
🙏🏾 Take your first step to freedom from the guilt & shame

Allow me to help you

🧳 Unpack the baggage
🌀 Stop the shame spiral
💗 Prepare for the relationships you want