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To the young woman who feels stuck and it seems like her whole world is falling apart. The wife who is tired of acting like she has it all together but she feels broken inside. Or the working mom who feels hopeless because she thinks this is the happiest she'll ever be. You don't have to suffer in silence. I can help you deal with the pain no one can see. I am passionate about my purpose to support women who are silently suffer emotionally because they are overwhelmed with fear and worry, they are grieving, they're living with infertility, or they don't feel fulfilled in their career or relationships.

With sessions that focus on you recognizing your strengths, overcoming your fears, and getting rid of unhealthy habits; you can improve your ability to get through stressful situations, and begin to create positive change in your life.

Through counseling I will support you on your journey to becoming stronger and more confident in controlling your life. I'll give you the tools you need to improve your self-image and your decision-making ability. You'll also develop skills that will help you learn to fully experience your unpleasant feelings instead of suppressing them or becoming consumed by them; giving you the freedom to experience lasting contentment.

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