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Therapy, simply talking to a person that is committed to coming alongside you with empathy, compassion, and understanding, is an important tool that can be a stepping stone to continued healing. One of the reasons I decided to commence a second Master’s degree, this time in social work, was because I realized there are not enough Black woman therapists. This is problematic for several reasons, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)/People of Color (POC)/People of the Global Majority (PGM) tend to have disparities when attempting to access mental health services compared to non-BIPOC/POC/PGM. Many in this population are already reluctant to seek mental health treatment especially if their practitioner is not culturally humble and aware of specific issues that BIPOC/POC/PGM contend with. Moreover, there’s still significant stigma and judgment about mental health concerns and I am doing my part to attempt to smash the stigma.

My specialty is treating mental health concerns through individual therapy in a holistic manner, emphasizing trauma work utilizing various options of evidence-based psychotherapy. In addition, I hope to come alongside Black women, Black folks, and members of the LGBTQ+ community in their healing journeys. If you do not identify with one of these social identities, I respectfully ask, you allow me to serve these underserved communities. Moreover, at this time, I am not providing group, family, or couples therapy. In an effort to build a trusting relationship, or therapeutic relationship/alliance, I request that all clients are willing to schedule a weekly appointment for six (6) weeks. We can check in together at the end of the six weeks to see where we are and where we would like to go.

At this time, I only come alongside individuals on this journey so I am not currently seeing couples or families. Additionally, currently and for the foreseeable future, I am only seeing clients via telehealth.

I hope that you will schedule your first 50-minute therapy session, or conscious + aligned conversation, so that we can start to build our therapeutic alliance.

And remember, you are worth talking through your life experiences so that you can heal, grow, and blossom.

joyfully yours,

Chidimma Ozor Commer, LLMSW – Clinical Practice, MSW, MA

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