I hear you. You've been going through the motions, avoiding pain, sometimes barely hanging on, and trying to live a "normal," happy life. But, your past keeps creeping up and interrupts your hopes and goals, negatively impacts your day to day life, and creates relationship struggles. A childhood trauma might be coming up or a more recent traumatic event, or maybe something you might not describe as traumatic is inserting itself into your well being. Either way, your life isn't going the way you want it to. I can help you heal from the past and move beyond the experiences that are wreaking havoc on you, so that you can have the life and future that you want and deserve.

Reaching out to a therapist can feel scary, embarrassing, even shameful, but you're tired of not living. You are ready to move forward, beyond the pain, sadness, fear, and difficulty that has been in your life so far. It's time to reach out.

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