Something is definitely off, but you can't figure out if it is you or them. You feel so confused and have began to self isolate, because you don't know who you can trust anymore. You don't even recognize yourself. You have began to question your intuition and maybe even your sanity, because everything in your life seems to be going awry all at once. Trust me, you are NOT ALONE!

The word "narcissists" seems to be trending lately; however, toxic relationships is nothing new, but more and more people seem to be becoming aware of what is actually happening to them in these toxic dynamics. You might be having challenges with identifying exactly how you feel, but you know something isn't right! Let's talk about it.

I am a Clinical Social worker, with several years of experience working with individuals who have a history of child and adulthood traumas. Many of my clients have expressed feeling "stuck" and need help with identifying triggers and desire to learn techniques on how to move forward. In times of uncertainty, it is helpful to have someone who is in your corner who is supportive, validates your feelings, listens to your verbal and non verbal communication, and can help you identify self sabotaging behaviors or patterns of thinking that have been developed as a result of the trauma you have experienced. Ultimately, I am intentional about providing a safe space for you to be able to process and GROW through what you are GOING through.

I would love to journey with you as you EMERGE into a life of wholeness. Feel free to call or email me and let's journey together!

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